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Nicor Pest Control
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Soil Poisoning:
Subterranean Termite Control is one of the most crucial factors to consider when Constructing a new Structure. Applying an Anti-Termite Treatment to a site, prior to Construction is an invaluable precaution. A 5-year Guarantee is issued to insure peace of mind and Workmanship in accordance to Legislation.

Integrated Pest Management:
A broad based approach that Integrates Practices for Economic Control of Pests through a series of Pest Management Evaluations, Decisions, and Controls using a four-tiered approach namely: Exclusion, Restriction, Destruction and Monitoring (E.R.D.M Principle).
(Rodent Control, Cockroach Control, Fly Control, Bed Bug Control, Mosquito Control, Ant Control, etc.)

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