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What is the future of energy in South Africa

What is the future of energy in South Africa

South Africa has seen 3 energy ministers in 2017 and the sector is unsure of what the future of energy is. This week the Minister of Energy was in parliament and spoke about energy resources at the disposal of South Africa and Uranium Ore was highlighted. The minister then skipped the key resources  that are available to South Africa for free to produce energy.

Most areas in South Africa average  at more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year, with an average solar-radiation level range of between 4.5 and 6.5kWh/m2per day. This is endowment at a another level whilst South Africa hasn’t fully taken advantage of 2500 hours of sunshine. European countries such as German average an estimated 1000 hours of sunshine but have been successful in making solar energy a significant part of their energy mix.

South Africa also has wind opportunities which have not been fully exploited in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape.

The South African government needs to change its mindset and actually look at boosting solar and wind energy plants in South Africa and they are not  only green but can create thousands of much needed jobs in South Africa. Renewable energy “fuels”  are free and don’t require to be mined like uranium ore.

All shall be revealed in the next 3-4 weeks with regards to the South African Energy Roadmap.





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