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Rosebank Link is completed

Rosebank Link is completed


We’ve been monitoring construction progress on a number of ongoing projects for a while, and there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to document the entire life cycle of the project from start to the final completed product. One of those, is the recently completed Rosebank Link, designed by Paragon Architects which had the honour of recently photographing.

The new office building development at 173 Oxford Road is located in the Heart of Rosebank. Standing at a total of 15 stories above ground the building consists of 2 basement parking levels, a ground floor public/retail level, 5 parkade levels and 9 stories of offices above a podium level. East and West facades consist of a steel clad shell with articulated strip windows to allow light and views to filter into every

office module, making it a uniquely imposing icon of the Rosebank Skyline. The faceted East and West façades have a visual quality emphasised by the articulated strip windows that transforms from day to night.

The backdrop to the facades is a smooth glossy flat finish which transforms itself into the underbelly of the building. The organic vaulting architecture of the underbelly raises the building from the ground allowing users to traverse an unimpeded thoroughfare between the Gautrain station and shopping centres, devoid of spatial boundaries.

At the heart of the building is a multi-story enclosed north facing atrium fashioned to capture the sun light filtering down into a unique fluid underbelly of the ground floor thoroughfare. This creates a conduit for a combination of green walls and indigenous planting brought to life in executive roof gardens, podium level gardens and parkade wall gardens that allow for a tranquil environment not normally afforded in multi-storey buildings

The building was designed and operated in an environmental and sustainable way. Passive building design techniques and environmental considerations has met a 4 star Green rating, creating a healthier and more productive environment.

We were totally blown away by this masterpiece. Well done to the team.

Rosebank Link is a Redefine Properties development designed by the Paragon Group.

Please click here to view the Rosebank Link images.




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