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Rosebank Link is completed

We’ve been monitoring construction progress on a number of ongoing projects for a while, and there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to document the entire life cycle of the project from start to the final completed product. One of those, is the recently completed Rosebank Link, designed by Paragon Architects which had the honour of recently photographing. The new office […]

Rosebank Link reaches practical completion

Rosebank Link, a 15-storey development in Rosebank has effective reached practical completion. Construction on this building commenced with demolitions in 2016. The building has an estimated gross lettable area of 20 000 square metres with approximately 800 square metres of retail on the ground flooor. Rosebank Link is a Redefine Properties development designed by Paragon Architects.   […]

Tallest Buildings in South Africa

Tallest Buildings in South Africa  South African Architecture has evolved post 1994 as we see very fascinating designs across the country which are distinctively different from pre 1994 architecture.  As much as South Africa has been required to build more infrastructure (roads, bridges, power stations, buildings, public architecture) to meet the demands of all South Africa, […]