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Tallest Buildings in South Africa

Tallest Buildings in South Africa


Tallest Buildings in South Africa 

South African Architecture has evolved post 1994 as we see very fascinating designs across the country which are distinctively different from pre 1994 architecture.  As much as South Africa has been required to build more infrastructure (roads, bridges, power stations, buildings, public architecture) to meet the demands of all South Africa, there have been a few buildings that have entered the top 10 tallest buildings in South Africa. Unlike a number of countries South African Architecture hasn’t bee dominated by height. Fortunately South African Architects have focuses on form, shape, functionality, complexity and energy efficiencies of the buildings they design. Below are the top 15 tallest buildings in South Africa as of December 2016. A number of taller buildings are being planned or under construction

1. Carlton Centre

The Carlton is the tallest building in Africa  at 225.5 metres. The 50 floor building was the tallest building in the southern hemisphere when originally completed in 1973.  The foundations of the two buildings in the complex are 3.5m in diameter and extend 20m down to the bedrock, 30m below street level. The building houses both offices and shops, and has over 46 per cent of the floor area below ground level. The building has a viewing deck on the 50th floor which offers spectacular  views of Johannesburg and its surrounding suburbs.

Tallest Buildings in South Africa - Carlton Centre

Designed by: Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
Construction completion: 1973
Height: 225, 5 metres
Floors: 50
Address: 50 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg

2. Ponte Tower
Ponte Tower is currently the 2nd tallest building in South Africa. It was built in 1975 to a height of 173 m, making it the tallest residential skyscraper in Africa. The 54-story building is cylindrical, with an open centre allowing additional light into the apartments.

Ponte Tower

Designed by: Manfred Hermer
Construction completion: 1973
Height: 173 metres
Floors: 55
Address: 1 Lily Avenue, Hillbrow

3. Marble Towers is in the Central Business District of Johannesburg, South Africa.. The building has an eight-storey parking garage attached to it. It has the biggest electronic sign in the Southern Hemisphere, measuring 44 metres by 32 metres by 12 metres. It is made out of a mixture of concrete and marble. Its main use is for commercial offices.

Designed by:
Construction completion: 1973
Height: 152.1 metres
Floors: 35
Address: 208-212 Jeppe Street

4. Pearl Dawn is situated in the beautiful Pearls of Umhlanga, Durban, Kwazulu Natal. The 31 stores building was built in 2008 on the beautiful seaside of Umhlanga Beach.

 Pearls of Umhlanga

Designed by: Seedat & Seedat
Construction completion: 2008
Height: 152 metres
Floors: 31
Address: Umhlunga Rocks Drive Umhlanga, Durban

5. South African Reserve Bank Pretoria is the tallest building in Pretoria and has a black glass and Rustenburg granite facade. The tower block, basement and cantilever-supported auditorium used an estimated 80 000 cubic metres of concrete.  This building was awarded the South African Institute of Architects’ Merit Award in 1989 and the South African Property Owners Association’s Building Merit Award in 1988.

South African Reserve Bank

Designed by: Burg Doherty Bryant + Partners
Construction completion: 1988
Height: 148 metres
Floors: 40
Address: 370 Church Street, Pretoria

6. 88 on Field currently the 2nd tallest building in Durban.

Designed by: Stauch Vorster Architects; Murphy/Jahn Architects
Construction completion: 1985
Height: 147 metres
Floors: 26
Address: 362 Dr Pixley Kasembe Street

7. The Michelangelo Towers  is a five star hotel building in  the heart of Sandton, South Africa. The building is 145m tall and 34 stories making it the tallest building in Sandton and the tallest hotel in South Africa. The building was designed by Bentel Associates International based on the following “The high-rise apartments of Manhattan were a significant influence on the design of the Michelangelo Towers apartments. Luxury apartments and penthouses offer tailor-made accommodation to their occupants, from leisure facilities to various interior configurations. The building features a classical aesthetic with arches, sandstone, and marble finishes. An elegant steel and glass dome gives the building a sense of luxury and grandeur. Contemporary details are incorporated through the use of modern finishes such as glass balustrades and aluminium framing to ensure relevance in the current market.”, http://www.bentel.net/projects/timeline/2006/item/28-michelangelo-towers.html

The Michelangelo Towers

Designed by: Bentel Associates Architects
Construction completion:
Height: 145 metres
Floors: 34 floors
Address: Maude Street, Sandton

8. Absa Tower Johannesburg  is a 141 metres tall building in the the Johannesburg CBD.

Absa Building Johannesburg

Designed by:
Construction completion:1970
Height: 141 metres
Floors: 31
Address: 169 Main Street, Johannesburg

9. KwaDukuza eGoli Hotel  was built in 1970 originally as “The Tollman Towers”.  The towers were two separate towers, one 40 stories  built after being purchased by Sun International at a cost of +R100million and the other 22 built by Stanley Tollman. The two towers were linked by a four-story podium with a pool deck and a running track. In 1985 the hotel was reopened as a 670+ room Johannesburg Sun and Towers. The building was then converted to a Holiday Inn, which also quickly failed. The new KwaDukuza eGoli Hotel opened in 2001, when it hosted 3000 police officers for the world summit on sustainable development, it was owned Mark Whitehead of Whitehead Enterprises, then also soon went out of business. The building seems to be currently unoccupied.

Kwadukuza Egoli Hotel

Designed by:
Construction completion:
Height: 140 metres
Floors: 40
Address: 84 Smal Street

10. Trust Bank Building was built in 1970 to a height of 140 metres in Johannesburg central business district.  The building is the former head office of Trust Bank of South Africa, and as such has one of the largest bank vaults in South Africa. The building was sold in February 2003 for R6.4 million.

Trust Bank Building

Designed by: Colyn & Meiring
Construction completion: 1970
Height: 140 metres
Floors: 31
Address: 56 Eloff Street

11. Sandton City Tower is part of the Sandton City Mall is a shopping centre located in Sandton, Johannesburg that was built as pioneer centre in 1973. The tower was built as part of a business park for downtown Sandton, a suburb of Johannesburg. Liberty Properties announced in 2008 that Sandton City would receive a R1.77 billion upgrade. 139 metres

Sandton City Office Tower

Designed by:
Construction completion:
Height: 139 metres (under verification)
Floors: 22
Address: 5th Street and Rivonia Road

12. Portside Tower is a 139 metre tall  building in Cape Town, South Africa completed in 2014. The brief for this building was to create an environmentally friendly building for two of South Africa’s largest corporations- Old Mutual and First Rand. The property is jointly owned by FirstRand Bank and Accelerate Property Fund. The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) awarded the property a 5 star Green Star rating, making it the tallest Green Building in South Africa.

Portside Building Cape Town

Designed by: DHK and Louis Karol Architects
Construction completion: 2014
Height: 139 metres
Floors: 30
Address: 5 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town

13. Standard Bank Centre 

This is building is unique in that it was built from the top going down. The central core was built first , then the floors were suspended from three cantilevered arms, with the top floors added first, followed by each lower floor. The building is organised into three hanging volumes of nine office floors each, with air conditioning plants housed between the sections. The building currently has a large advert if South Africa’s ETV channel.  This buildings is often called the “ETV building”.

Standard Bank Centre

Designed by: Hentrich Petschnigg & Partners
Construction completion: 1970
Height: 139 metres
Floors: 31
Address: Simmons Street

14. Southern Life Centre 

Southern Life Centre

Designed by: Monty, Sack, Nurcombe, Summerley, Ringrose and Partners.
Construction completion: 1973
Height: 138 metres
Floors: 30
Address: 45 Commissioner Street

15. Mont Blanc Building Durban

This building is currently he tallest apartment building in Durban city and has commanding views of the beachfront , harbour and city.

Designed by: Elphick Proome Architects
Construction completion:1985
Height: 132.6
Floors: 40
Address: 51 Marine Parade

16. Absa Tower Pretoria

Absa Pretoria

Designed by:
Construction completion:1976
Height: 141 metres
Floors: 32
Address: 230 Van Der Walt Street, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa



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